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Telekom Malaysia Berhad (MYX: 4863)

If you plan to do some investment in share market, I will strongly recommend you this : Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) (MYX: 4863)

Telekom Malaysia has a unique way to make profit, that make it my top recommended share.

Once you sign up for their product, says, STREAMYX, the Malaysia #1 broadband, (#1 in term of what, I also dunno) you are like going into a contract that:

keep on pouring TM your money, while  TM  give you SOMETHING which you can call it "NOTHING".

After you sign up for streamyx for 2 months, you realized that you get nothing from them.When you found out this fact , it is too late, because you are already in the middle of a 2-YEAR CONTRACT.

Now you regretted, what on earth made you sign up for streamyx!! You called  TM   and tell them you want to terminate the service. You are informed that you have to pay for the remaining 22 months charges.

If you are taking the cheapest streamyx, RM38, you have to pay RM836 in order to terminate the service. You get very frustrated with the #1 broadband and you pay the RM836 to terminate it.
WELL, you cannot use the service at the end of 2nd month but you already paid for the total 24 months!
(But the good news is you got no connection with TM  anymore)

Maybe years ago, you got no other choices for broadband but the TM  #1 broadband. You had been using it for years and now you are switching over other broadband and forgotten that you actually still remain the connection with TM  . You forgot to use the service and forgot to pay and eventually your account being suspended.
Suddenly one day, you realized this and feel bad for TM  , because its just like divorce with your wife and not paying any alimony. So you want to take the responsibility as a MAN and contacted TM  .

What you received is:

So your service had been suspended on December 2011, and yet you are being charged for January and February 2012, the months that you cannot receive a single byte from them. Not to mention that you had not use the service since March 2011.

Imagine you go into a restaurant and ordered a set of chicken chop.

The waiter told you "sorry, chicken chop sold out"
You feel damned and you stepped out the restaurant,
and the waiter shouted at you "sorry sir, you haven't paid for the chicken chop"
You feel damned again and asked "why should I pay for the chicken chop that I didn't eat?"
The waiter told you "sorry, you are still being charged for it"

TM  , my favourite share!


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