Friday, January 8, 2010

Pound Sterling!!

There is about 4-5days left before my 1st exam in London.
Since last 2 weeks, I been demotivated and addicted to ePSXe (an emulator to play Play Station in PC).

There are 2 potential reasons while I'm becoming this.
1. I am too confident of myself, thought I had completely revised all the materials.
2. I am lack in confidence so that when I failed the exam, I have excuse that I didn't tried my best.

Seriously I hate reason 2 because this is an act of loser, an act of buying insurance for the potential losses while the losses can be avoided. Yet, I can't sure that my attitude now is due to reason 1.

ANYWAY, I seems like a bit divert from the title of "Pound Sterling". Friends, if you have any suggestion or words of encouragement, enlighten me please and Now I will drive my way back to "Pound Sterling".


It is just a 'nothing' post which I will show the coins that I use here.

Here they are,
1 penny

2 pence

5 pence

10 pence

20 pence

50 pence

1 pound

2 pounds (plural)

As you can see, the value is not according to it's size, which means "Size doesn't matter"

OK, Size doesn't matter AGAIN!!

Can you count HOW MANY 1 pound here? Can you FIND an alien in this picture?

Question: Why I have so many coins of 1 pound?

Answer: For the purpose of laundering
(Answer not related to picture)

[I don't know what to do next after posting this post! Why I becoming so LAZY?!]


cheekeong said...

i saw the alien among those coins~

meanwhile, study harder, i will feel very proud of you when i attend your convo later..

Karl said...

The only alien is you Raymond lol.

And did you often come across price of 1 pence or 2 pences?


I nvr get to study, so, u & the rest of my frens will take revenge in my plc,I always hv faith in u.

rongping.lo said...

To Keong,
I'm probably not attending my convo (if I make it)

To Karl,
no, I use debit card more.

To Chicken,
You're a chicken.

Karl said...

I mean do the shop always sell in $2.11 or $9.52 or $13.53, you get what I mean?

rongping.lo said...

Yes, I got what you mean.
Yes, very troublesome, always sell with weird figures.
1.23, 4.67, 9.84, 3.59...

Next time let me post a receipt of things I bought, then you will see.


Huiying said...

hey hey, what had happened to u huh? c'mon!! motivate urself.. try to avoid any emulator or whatever so to play games which will affected ur study..

u r older than me so i think u know what to do better than me *wink*
dont put too much stress on urself.. smtimes too much of pressure will demotivate oneself too.. always try enjoy study and life :)

add oil bro!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

rongping.lo said...

thank you so much for your encouragement AND I am not OLDER than you!!

I will learn to get a balance between study, game and life!! (hard to exclude game for now)

Thank you indeed, hope you will do well in your STPM!
can ask for my helps when I back!

take care!


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