Sunday, February 14, 2010


What is LIFE? Often we heard this question asked from people who are moody, or, they are going to complain on something after this, e.g.,

The people will ask: What is LIFE"


He will answer himself:

Bla bla bla…. I had worked for 7 years but never have salary increment!!


I had been chasing that girl for 4 years and spent billions on her but now she married and the bridegroom is not me!!


I had studied 23.5 hours per day but I failed for every subject!!


This "What is LIFE" question comes across my head very suddenly when I just woke up and I was not moody and nothing to complain on.

(clearly I will not receive salary increment, I had not spent billions on any girl and I didn't studied 23.5hours/day and failed the exam.)

Out of nothing, I think of some definition on LIFE, which maybe is the abbreviation of "Live In Forever Eternity"

According to what Buddha said, the existence of human in this world is to "SUFFER". We have to undergo the "6 Variety Life Rotation Circle" (I don't know how to translate 六道轮回) based on our past KARMA. The thoughts we thought, the actions we did and the words we said, will accumulate KARMA, good or bad, we will have to face the consequences in someday (now or future), whether in installment, or in one lump sum. (I feel weird when I describe like this, but I like to describe like this)

Buddha also said there are 8 various "Bitterness" that we human have to SUFFER. (Google yourself if you want to know!)

If what Buddha said was correct and is correct, then the LIFE is suffering and taste bitter is a fact. We all know that a fact is a fact, we can never change a fact, BUT we can always change ourselves. Since we know the fact, it will act as a precaution for potential BITTERNESS that we going to suffer. We can make ourselves more readily to receive the consequences. We can shorten the suffering period, don't possess the PAIN and don't let it go.

As described above, the consequences and pain that we suffered or going to suffer is based on our past karma, so we have to stop making any new BAD KARMA. We cannot change the past BUT we can alter our future.

CONCLUSION: Be more readily to face the consequences and stop making NEW KARMA!!

The above conclusion is for beginner, I have something different for advance learner. This is not BUDDHA said but simply RAYMOND said AND I think this is the masterpiece of this entry.

We have too few knowledge on the KARMA, we don't know how the system accounted for KARMA.

I steal my friend's cookies, the bad KARMA I made is 10 units or 4000 units?!

When I receive some consequences, e.g. my baby doll gone missing (I think whenever something happen and you feel pain or sad, it is the consequences), the KARMA is reduced by 2 units or 7 trillion units?

Does the KARMA have time value of money? The KARMA will compound in 8% interest p.a. or 7% interest p.a.?

When we make some good KARMA, can it buffer with the bad KARMA?

I punch my pillow to train my fist, does this act contribute to KARMA?!

How long it takes for the KARMA to turn into consequences? 1 day or 10 years?





We know too little BUT we do know that we have a long journey. So I think why not we just make it a happy journey. Given that it is a long journey, we can perceive that the consequences are rarely occurred in one lump sum manner, because with no outstanding KARMA, we are escaped from the "Life Rotation Circle". So if the consequences are happen today, then it will only happen maybe 2 weeks later, then 2 year later…. I don't know.


It means we have some days, maybe a lot of days, are consequences-free. On those consequences-free days, we are in neutral, so we must take this opportunity to live happily. To live happily is good but is selfish if we kept the happiness just for ourselves. So, I would suggest we bring happiness to everyone around us. Some people may not appreciate or notice the consequences-free days and we should not let them wasted those days. Basically there are two ways of sharing the happiness, before and after the so-called consequences. BEFORE; be happy and create the aura and bring joys to others. AFTER; listen to them and ease their pain of being a listener or give some consolation/advice if they need.

Life is running on a continuous time basis, it won't stop because of we want it to. In this very particular moment, if we feel sad, in the next moment this sadness became history. We want to make our bibliographies full of sadness or full of happiness?!

After all, the Raymondology above is hard to execute in real life, because even the author himself cannot perform it perfectly. BUT it doesn't means that we can't set it as our goal and strive hard towards being that.

CON-CONCLUSION: Be more readily to face the consequences and stop making NEW BAD KARMA!! Create more GOOD KARMA and bring happiness to people around us and make them be more readily to face the consequences and stop making NEW BAD KARMA and create GOOD KARMA!!


cheekeong said...

this post is kinda lengthy..
but the main thing you mentioned about was KARMA, right?

take care in your LIFE

rongping.lo said...

Actually I not trying to mention anything. Just the thought suddenly pop-up from my mind then I can't leave it hanging there, so I put down in my blog.


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