Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Today is the 1st day of the LAST month in 2011
(what this supposed to mean? IT means nothing)

I went to APPLE TRAINING and this is what I done there.

Taking handsome picture with handsome head

So I said, my mouth a bit "senget"

Comic look

That's why I want to diet

If not my face will be very round!!!

I don't want to be FAT, I want to be STRONG!!!

So that I can be MAFIA's boss

Hell Yea~~

............I don't know what to say

I am boring....

still boring...

and boring....

and boring....

and boring.....

and boring....

and ONE PIECE!!!!

Although boring, I made a movie by my own!!

Please enjoy.

Thank you


Anonymous said...

Haha~~~ When u pause at 0:23, u can see who is the 'secret'... I know her~~

YiNg said...

I like the 16th pic!
(yea, start counting.)
Looks like reindeer.
So December!! =D

rongping.lo said...

please keep it as secret

that one is character from one piece.. but indeed, the character is a deer.. merry X-mas

Anonymous said...

Sure~~~ Will keep it as secret~~ Haha~~ =)

By, 萍水相逢人上


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