Thursday, May 13, 2010





front row (left to right): F, F, M, F, CT3, My personal tutor Andreas, Vicki, CT1, M, F, F, F

Khalid from Oxford and Raymond from UTAR......

FAMA Scholar, Raymond and BNM Scholar, Aili
(FAMA = Father and Mother)
(BNM = Bank Negara Malaysia, Central Bank of Malaysia)

Genius from China, Shouqi and Idiot from Malaysia, Raymond

Female, Xiao Fei and Male, Raymond

Youngster, Raymond and ...... Edith

Skier A, Raymond and Skier B, Yifei.......and Khalid

Handsome, Raymond and Pretty, Kayan

Small group of future Malaysian Actuaries!!

Larger group of future Malaysian Actuaries!!
(except me, who plans to be a primary school teacher)

This is the group we used to hang around.

End of photo session, those guys try to do some funny stuff to attract girls.
(I'm forced to participate!! I swear!! I am forced!!)

But, kinda enjoying myself there....


Kikey Loo said...

when you go back malaysia?

sindy said...


Karl said...

How tall are you man? So many guy shorter than you one lol.

rongping.lo said...

To Kikey:

Go back on July.

To Sindy:

Who you referred to?

To Karl:


Karl said...

OMG! Then the last picture middle guy must be basketball player already lol.

rongping.lo said...

185cm is referring to him. I am 170cm

rongping.lo said...

so sad...

Karl said...

Haiya dont sad, you still get to take pics with lengluis.

rongping.lo said...

which 1? female? youngster? or pretty?

@@@ said...

BNM and youngster

rongping.lo said...

who are you @@@

Karl said...

All 3 girls also lengluis ma. You took with all of them, triple 幸福 haha.

rongping.lo said...

You are wrong, those 3 girls are the most 幸福!! Coz they get a chance to take picture with me!!


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