Thursday, September 20, 2012

Your Life Is At Stake!!!

I had received this! Joke of the day!!

I am JUBRIL, I was sent by someone very close to you to terminate you,
but the person can't pay up to my price, I am once a marina in united state
of America.I am a Mass murderer. I am very sorry for you ,It is a pity that
this is how your life is going to end as soon as you don't comply. As you
can see there is no need for me introducing myself to you because I don't
have any business with you, my duty as I am mailing you now is just to (KILL
YOU ) and I have to do it as I have already been paid for that.

I travel with different names all around the world for the work. I have all
the details of you given to me by the person very close to you. I hope you
will not let this happen. I know that you have your own family and you are
living happily and you are not ready to die yet. I can terminate this deal
only if you can pay me the sum of $7,500, after this payment, I promise to
guide you from any arm. I called my client back and ask him of your email
address which I didn't tell him what I wanted to do with it and he gave it
to me and I am using it to contact you now. As I am writing to you now my
men are monitoring you and they are telling me everything about you.

Someone you call a Friend want's you Dead by all means, and the person have
spent a lot of money on this, and told me that he wanted you dead and he
provided us with your name ,picture and other necessary information's I
needed about you. So I have sent my boy's to track you down where you are
right now and they have carried out the necessary investigation needed for
the operation on you, and they have done that but I told them not to kill
you that I will like to contact you and see if your life is Important to you
or not.since we have find out that you are innocent.

Now do you want to LIVE OR DIE? As someone has paid us to kill you. Get back
to me now if you are ready to pay some fees to spare your life, $7,500 is
all you need to spend, You will first of all pay $4,000 then I will send a
tape to you which i recorded every discussion I hade with the person who
wanted you dead and as soon as you get the tape, you will pay the remaining
$3,500. If you are not ready for my help, then I will carry on with my job
straight-up. Write me back as soon as you get my mail so I can tell you the
neccessary steps to take.

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