Sunday, December 2, 2012

Facebook making photo tagging easier

This is not the latest news or the latest update from Facebook

I had recently found out this new feature from Facebook when I uploading some pictures to my album.

When you done uploading the SELECTED pictures to the album, the next thing you normally do will be tagging all the HEADS, a simple but time consuming chore! Let's say you uploaded about 30 pictures, you can easily have 30 to infinite HEADS awaiting to be tagged!

BUT NOW, Facebook has made the photo tagging easier. I don't know, it maybe use some sort of face recognition software to group similar photos together and,whenever possible, suggest the name of the HEADS in the pictures!

This is a smart feature!!

But I always feel like laughing when I see all the HEADS grouping together and display them at once. 
See below:

 I don't know what is so funny but I just laughed when I see so many HEADS  popped out together!

The greatest improvement from Facebook is the auto-ranking system. It will automatic rank the HANDSOMENESS of the guy and the PRETTINESS of the girl from the picture. Check how it works by clicking the picture below:

Cool and HONEST invention/discovery!

(Disclaimer: Facebook got no any auto-ranking system..... yet)

One last thing, human made mistakes, so, the machine created by human made mistakes as well:

They are not the same people LAR!!!!



cheekeong said...

hahahahahahaha, the last pic i also wonder why..

Eng Ping Lo said...

Maybe the mouth! haha


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