Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Journey to the West I

I am leaving Malaysia, without a chance to say good bye to all my friends, family and people who care about me, especially my love one, LING. (For those who also read Cockroach’s blog, she is not the same LYNN he mentioned)

The story of “Journey to The West” starts at Penang Airport. The story has to be started at here because I must take an airplane to my destination, London. Scare that I might meet with an air crash during the journey, my mum and some of my friends decided to see my last face at the airport.

Keong just ignore me all the time but paying attention to his Dory Fish

Hong said I was his left hand and Keong was his right hand, I am so proud and lucky to be your left hand because I know you musterbate with your right hand.

My most respected female friend, Yen Nan. She forced to grow bigger in size because a lot of burden she need to carry.

Barack possessed a very special skill.
He can faint easily in Fitness First.
(Only Fitness First)

I love her and I admire her because she able to give birth to such a brilliant son, ME

She did not make herself at airport but she is in my HEART at anytime, anyplace.

After taking picture with friends and family, I waive to them and they waive to me, I am ALONE now.

Mum, take care. I LOVE YOU.

Alone is really a sad word to type and to feel. I do not like to feel alone and that’s why I read book. While reading book, I was informed that my flight will be delayed half an hour. This news isn’t affecting me much because I have 3 hours free time when I reach KL there. It is no different to wait in Penang or KL.

Finally the plane arrived and I am on board. Immediately after I switch off my hand phone, the plane started to fly. My 1st time had given to MAS, I believe MAS definitely will be proud when knowing this.

The plane is now flying high in the sky. It is fate that arranges me to sit near the window, I appreciate the chance and took few pictures of cloud and view from top.
This is the picture taking without changing any function of the camera

I changed the light to tungsten. I like this picture a lot. NICE right?!

Now only I know, the Malaysia’s paddy field is so organized

Without any air crash or terrorist attack, I reached KLIA safely at about 7pm. Once I came out from the plane, I rushed to the transit counter to get my boarding pass. Yes, I am walking very fast, but it took me 20 minutes to reach the counter. Boarding pass is now on my hand, next procedure is to let the immigration officer to check me in. Rushing is the thing I done the most in that day, after checking, I rushed to the boarding gate.

Since I am rushing all the way, I am the first one to reach the boarding gate. The officers praised my punctuation and hence they offer me two options. First options, they cancel the flight, rearrange it to the next day morning and give me a free stay for 1 night at Pan Pacific Hotel (1 buffet dinner and 1 buffet breakfast included). Second option, they cancel the flight, rearrange it to the next day morning and give me 1 million pounds.

What kind of stupid options they gave me?!! For sure I will choose option 1 because I never stay at Pan Pacific Hotel before. Only idiot will choose option 2. Just right after I tell my decision to the officers, my phone rang, is pombelek Teo. Since I am not leaving that day, she said she will come and see me, scared that I might meet with an air crash. (Why everyone worried that I am going to meet with an air crash?)

These are the people who also choose the option 1, brilliant choice.

All my free stay, buffet dinner and breakfast are depends on this ticket.

While waiting the staff of hotel checks me in, free drinks are provided.

Although at that time I was DAMN hungry already, but I have a 30kg DAMN heavy luggage with me, so no matter how DAMN tired am I, I had to bring that DAMN heavy luggage to my DAMN room and run towards to the DAMN luxury restaurant to have my DAMN dinner (should be called DAMN supper by that DAMN time).

I gave up the 1 millions pound for the room like this.

Curry Mee


Ban Can Kuih

"Ham" or "Oyster"??


Fruits : Watermelon, "Fire Dragon Fruit" etc...

Ice Cream, my favourite

Chocolate Fountain

Grapes coated with chocolate

Definitely a Jagung dessert.

I am enjoying the food and suddenly 3 colorful humans, 1 white 1 black 1 chocolate pop out in front of me. Spending hours to identify who they are, finally I recognize them, they are Yong Ling (White), Ananth ( Black) and Pombelek Teo (Chocolate). They appear then disappear, and appear again with food on their hand. Suddenly I feel so proud of having them as my friends. It is my flight face the cancellation problem and I am the one who should be SUFFERing the benefits but them willing to help me to share the BURDENS without saying second words. THANK YOU!!

Here the way they pop out in front of me

Ananth dare not to eat at 1st, but at last, ended up with........

Siew Ooi really shared a lot of BURDENs for me, a lot!!

Yong Ling, why you can't fat?!

It took me 1 hour to finish my dinner but I stayed there for 2 hours, waiting them to share my burden. I very boring and feel like to leave at that time but they said the burden still a lot, they want to help more. I "tak boleh tahan" already, so I told them I will tell the manager about their kindness if they still don’t want to leave. And so they leave, WITH saying seconds words, “We leave because we are in low-profile, we don’t want our kindness to be noticed by the manager”

The next thing I can remember after the dinner is we all naked in the bed. I have no idea of how this can happen. I was extremely excited but yet scared that time. I am excited because I can naked on bed together with Ananth, but I scared that LING (not Yong Ling) will envy, so when Ananth request for further CONSTRUCTION, I quickly refused him.

I really don't know why this happen.

Ananth went CRAZY after I refused him.

The saddest moment reached. It is late and there is no more burdens for them to share together with me. After taking picture with each of them and together with them, I am being hugged, by each of them and together by them.

Bro, I always want to thank you for all the helps you being offer to me. Thank you.

Pombelek, you just like my "Tai Kah Jeh", thank you.

Yong Ling, why you can't fat?!

I really proud to be one of the T4 member. Cheers~~

Link to our hugged picture -----> HUG

That’s what had happened on the day I TRYING to leave Malaysia. Obviously, “Journey to the West” failed. I will try to leave Malaysia on the next day.

Will I success?! Please wait my next blog.

P/S : Haha, sorry I did not cry at that time. In fact, just right after you all back, I

still NO cry.


cheekeong said...

hey, dude..

i'm so glad my pic can be the 1st pic in your post..
but is it i'm ahong's right hand?
i felt like puke now!

and you got 2 batch of friends that come and see you depart, why u still dont wanna cry?!

waste my time only!

take care, my dear..

Foo said...

Good choice! Cos ya'll never be able to buy love & friendship with £1,000,000!

P/S. I thought you said you will talk to the friendly air stewardess so you'll never feel alone? ;)

Zack said...

Nice blog~
Hope you enjoy the moment being there, and wish you all the best.
Take good care, my long lost friend.

HonG said...

y yong lin still cant fat???

sindy said...

i will follow u~
i mean blog...
wish u can comfort urself there^^

barack.. said...

last go salam??

rongping.lo said...

To Keong
Yes, you are the hand being used by HONG to masturbate, congrates.

To Foo
Which Foo you are?! Foo Tai Kwang or Cobain Foo

To Zack
Yes, you take care as well. I haven't wish you for finding a GF now. Congratulation

To Sindy
Thank you. I help DIGI to thank you as well because you use their slogan.

To Barack
Improve your English babe. What you mean by "last go salam"??

Foo said...

It's Roy Foo!

rongping.lo said...

To Roy Foo

OH, sorry man. Tell your sister don't miss me a lot.

barack said...

i always like that la..


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