Tuesday, September 29, 2009

26/09/2009, does this date means anything to you?!

This date means nothing to me.

Why am I still writing a blog about this date?!
OK, I will cut the crappy intro and just start the body of this blog.

It is 15 days since I reached London. You still remember the GREEN shirt I wear during my Journey to the West I and II?! Yes, it is still hanging there, not yet wash.

For these 15 days, I had used wisdom (not condom) to make combination for my shirt so that people won’t recognize me wearing the same shirt AGAIN!!

Basically, I will categorize the way I wear in 2 situations.


First, NO PEOPLE will bother you whether you wearing the same shirt again in your room, because there are NO PEOPLE in your room. So, these are the two shirts I take turn to wear them.

I will call this shirt A and shirt B
[ I know ROY you have 1 exactly the same with the shirt B]
But, I have to go canteen to have my meals. Canteen, no longer NO PEOPLE. So this is the way I did.

I wear a jacket and zipped it, so nobody will know I am still wearing the same shirt AGAIN.

I wear this together with either shirt A or shirt B when I feel like don’t want to wear jacket.

[Always wear jacket seems suspicious]


Well, when I am going outside YMCA, it needs more wisdom to wear the shirt. Luckily I only have class on Monday and Thursday, and I don’t travel a lot, so I not really wear those shirts repeatedly. It is different case for the jeans. I have only 2 jeans, so 1 jean for a week, its answer how I wore jeans in these 15 days.

My Jean A with lovely BOLSTER. Had I introduce my bolster before?!

My Jean B with lovely BOLSTER, again.

YES, I admitted I am not good in displaying my UNDERWEAR and SOCKS

Am I going to tell you how I treat the socks and underwear?!


[If you interested in knowing, sound it out in comment and I will consider about writing it.]

The things written above got nothing related with 26/09/2009, but it leads to what happen on 26/09/2009

What ACTUALLY happened on 26/09/2009 ?!?!!?

T_T , I had caught by gangster, being tortured and dumped at the street


What REALLY happened on 26/09/2009 will be soon released at coming Friday

"26/09/2009, does this date means anything to you?! PART II "

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可乐 said...

beh tong u lo...underwear also posted out!!haha... but really fun to read ur blog... take care n all the best at UK lo....try ur best not to let ppl realise u r wearing the same shirt lo...jia you!! luckily u got no roomate, if not, ur roomate gonna died ''breathless'' in the room with all ur unwashed shirt, haha

rongping.lo said...


you are PEP SI isit?!

可乐 said...

yes, is me, at first dun wan comment 1, but afterthat read ur latest post, beh tong..haha....

cheekeong said...

watlao eh..
have to wait for the part II again..
but the way u displayed the socks and underwears really creative and make LOL..


rongping.lo said...

I cant recognize you in that picture. Thanks for comment

Don't lie, the underwear and socks are sucks

可乐 said...

hahah.then how u know is me ler??that pic cheat ppl 1 la..choose the best angle,real ppl ugly than that, dun put high hope wen next time we got chance to meet, haha....
all the best to u lo..

rongping.lo said...

No, if the real people not pretty, no angle can cheat people.

rongping.lo said...

SHIT, watch again the pic of underwear and socks, its make me laugh.

Foo said...

I didn't brought that shirt with me to UK...

ŧ(˘,˘)ŧ said...

yi yer....haha but 26 of Sept means to me wor...
tat is my sis bird day...!!

rongping.lo said...

Lim Hui Yik,

Long time no see LE~~!!

rongping.lo said...

To Roy Foo

Last time I didn't bring it to K.L.
So when I saw you wear that, I thought of bringing it down and wear it to have "shirt accident"

But i keep on forgot when I back to Penang.

Foo said...

Haha.. Looks like fate is not going our way!

ŧ(˘,˘)ŧ said...

Wahlao....dun call me whole name ler..
summore Lim Hui Yik....@.@
haha..yea long time ago..i think almost 10 years liao lo


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