Sunday, October 4, 2009

26/09/2009, does this date means anything to you?! PART II

When start to write this blog, I feel a lot of pressure.

In the previous blog I did a lot of advertisement and promotion in FACEBOOK, it had unintentionally increased the expectation of the readers towards this part II. IN FACT, nothing really matter happened on that day, It is just the story about the 1st time I use the launderette in LONDON.

On 26/09/2009 Saturday, I wake up at 8:15:23. After having my simple breakfast, without further delay, I headed to

WAITROSE, a supermarket that very very near to my place.

Simple is it? It is so much attached to my title, S.I.M.P.L.E.

Just turn left from the exit of YMCA, 30 seconds walking distance

I asked the staff and he introduced me this brand, ARIEL

I headed to the launderette and threw all my shirts, short pants, blanket, towel, well displayed underwear and socks to the washing machine AND SO I FACED my 1st question mark. (not the final curtain, MY WAY, Elvis Presley)

Finally I wash my GREEN shirt, you see?!

This is my 1st question mark, so many options and combinations, which 1 to be chosen?!

These are the commands that I understood.
Pic A(left), don’t use torch light to shoot on Washing Machine, the washing machine will sweat.
Pic B(right), don’t grow plant in the washing machine.

BRAVE is something very important in London. When I faced the 1st question mark, immediately I went to knock the door of someone near to the launderette. The door didn’t close, so I push and walked inside.

WHAT?!?!! I saw all my ex-classmate from primary school there

OK, serious, I knocked the door and a china guy came out.
After knowing my question mark, his quantity of question mark also plus 1. =.="

Thus, he went to knock the door next to him. I forgot how many door I knocked and how many question marks I had added to the people stayed near the launderette, but eventually we able to find someone who can solve this problem. He inserted 2 pounds into the washing machine and selected 4 + A, he also taught me how to use the drying machine. Before he left, I never forgot to say thank you. BUT, he reminded me I forgot to return him the 2 pounds.

SHIT, why he remember!!

After returned him the 2 pounds, I found something on the washing machine.


As a student of AMITABHA, I took the 1 pound to the receptionist of YMCA

While waiting for the shirt being washed, I went to have my lunch and take a nap in my room.

I borrowed an iron from the reception of YMCA and back to the launderette after an hour ++. The shirt is done washing but not yet dry. I again threw the shirt to another machine, drying machine. (Is it called drying machine?!)

This is the so-called drying machine

20p for 15 minutes

While waiting the shirt being dried, I looked out from the window of the launderette and I faced my 2nd question mark, well, this is really a big question mark and until now it haven't being solved.
Did you saw something above the container? Don’t scroll down yet, see properly and guess what is it.

WTF, I can’t believe my eyes

Tiger!!!! How can this happen?!

Anyway, I am not fancy to find out why there is a tiger there; my shirt is done drying, so I start iron my shirt.

Simply iron, can’t think of any caption for this picture.

This is what happened on 26/09/2009, and I will end this blog with the picture of dinner I ate on that day, thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed~~!!


cheekeong said...

luckily, you found your launderette..

and, i wonder is that really a cub on the truck?
how come?!

and i hate your last pic, because i hate carrot..

take care, my dear..

rongping.lo said...


Thanks for being so supportive in helping me cr8 blog, writing blog and comment on my blog.

I not sure isit a doll or real, but 2 weeks later after 26/09, I will go to the launderette again. I will check it out that time.

Carrot is the best vegetable, no need to cook, can straightaway eat.

Foo said...

Your washing machine is definitely more advanced than my hall of residences.

I'll eat my socks if you have really returned the £1 coin to the receptionist! LOL ;)

The dinner looks very unappetizing... =.="
It just looks like a pile of s**t...

rongping.lo said...


You going to eat your socks, I really returned the 1 pound to the reception.

cheekeong said...

wow, you really return £1 to him?!
luckily i didn't say i don't believe in front of people..
or else..

btw, i hope you enjoy your socks, ROY..

Kikey Loo said...

u shopping in waitrose? that's the most expensive groceries store!

Sainsbury is medium.

Tesco is the cheapest.

rongping.lo said...

Luckily I just bought a washing powder.

Next time will search for Tesco.

Thank you


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