Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Out of Sudden

Out of sudden, I have a phrase flash in my mind.

This phrase made a huge impact on me and stunted me for seconds.

Instead spending times hating the people that we don't care;

Putting times on loving the people we care.

Probably this phrase had been stated by some philosopher or author before. But I swear I did not plagiarize anyone of those.

(Plagiarize is a SCARY words for students)

This phrase had recalled me one of my friends in KL. Below is a picture of her…

Hairy LEG!!!! (Just kidding)

She is a lovely friend (regarded as Ms. A) who gifted with a lot of nice personality. Everyone who knows her will wish to be good friend, best friend with her.

So do I.

Due to my GIFTED personality (I am a gifted pervert), she recognized me as her best friend as well. (At least I thought so)

She has a lot of friends. I remember one day, one of her friend, who is my friend as well, had did a very wrong thing.

This did-wrong-friend (I will regard her as Ms. B), in my point of view, has an unjustifiable personality I would say. She is sometime being very helpful but I found she always wish to get credit from being that. When you in trouble, you won't think of her unless you cannot reach other friends, because you don't want to see her promote herself in no time after she helped you. Sometime when a group of us gathered, everyone having fun, she just wants to ruin it. She will either halted the fun by saying our act is outrageous, ridiculous, or try to join by saying something, which is totally unrelated (but sounds wise) and made us drowned in the Pool of Question Marks.

After she made the very wrong thing to Ms. A, Ms. A gets really mad, feeling hurt and so and that, eventually Ms. A just breaks her friendship with Ms. B.

As Buddhism, I try to advise her to forgive her although I personally don't like Ms. B

(So here is one of the conflicts of me being a Buddhism)

She stood firmly and I failed to convince anything. Ms. A and Ms. B friendships remain hostile (exaggerate), and my friendships with Ms. B remain normal.

What I trying to say in whole shitload of story above is,

Although I am a friend of Ms. B, I don't like her. Sometime her one small act can cause the hatred of me for whole day. For that particular day, I can't concentrate on my own thing. My mind is full of hatred towards her.

As for Ms. A, what happened to Ms. B is just worth shit to her. She doesn't care and she can do her things freely out of hatred.

At the end,

I don't hate but I hate.

She hates but she doesn't hate.

Now, I realized Ms. A had made a wise decision, one and for all, clean and clear. Ms. B always said Ms. A a miserly girl, but Ms. A don't care about this.

I know if I was Ms. A, I will so care about how other people commented on me.

Summarizing all the things I typed, scenes and phrases flashed in my mind, story of Ms. A and B, I made a decision.

FRIENDSHIP is a real important relation, bond, link, connection within human. I will appreciate all the friendship that comes along my life.

But it is impossible I regard all my friends as best friend, some you admire, some you dislike, some you feel comfort to be together, some made you feel tension.

Friends that I love and you love me too, I will love you more.

Friends that I love but you don't love me, I will continue love you.

Friends that I don't love but you love me, I will start learning to love you.

Friends that I don't love and you don't love me either, we are just Friends. I won't care much of you and I believe you won't care much on me.

[So which group are you? Do I love you, or do you love me?]

Instead spending times hating the people that we don't care;

Putting times on loving the people we care.

[I have no idea why I posting this, probably something imbalance inside me. Hope this post will not stop you from approaching me to be my friend]


cheekeong said...

Instead spending times hating the people that we don't care;

Putting times on loving the people we care.

i love this quote very much!

sometimes, we are just so stubborn in those irrelevant fellows, but actually he/she means nothing to us if we just put him/her aside..

anyway, i love you and i hope you love me as well..

we are born to be a pair!

rongping.lo said...

ya, I should learn to put him/her aside.

I really have to put them aside already..

Thank you keong

HonG said...

ya u should learn...but me too...

n im not going to say i love u..
cz we know each other well..even a single move then we know what we will do at the nx move..

we born to be a pair!!
traingle???or pyramid?

rongping.lo said...

probably Tetrahedron.

Yes. No need to say anything. We just hit on our chest. Rio FerdiHong

thomas vermaekeong said...

forget to ask you something..

whose leg is it?
damn hairy though it's sexy..

Glen JohnPing said...

I also forgot le... You can check it when you bathe.

Jose BosingKarl said...

What the heck? Hairy legs I also got, can join "Hairy kaki club" already.

bacary sagkeong said...

why there is a lot of EPL defenders here?!

meanwhile, i just wanna comment about the case raymond had mention..
FRIENDSHIP is the main important thing to be learnt in case you wanna survive in the society..

EPL rocks!

kenwooi said...

yeah.. i agree with the phrase =)


Debbie said...

i <3 this post.
I want to be Ms. A too. Tell her I greatly admire her ability to stay cool and calm, it's so mature of her. If it were me, I would scratch out Ms. B's eyes, bounce it like a tennis ball and then....yeah

rongping.lo said...

Yeah.... Great job Debbie.


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