Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Treasure in Friendster

Long long time I didn't log on to my Friendster. Since Facebook appeared, Friendster is nothing for me.

Just now, due to curiosity on how my Friendster now, I logged on and have a look.

OMG, I found some TREASURE in it.

( Please dun go and log on Friendster that hurry now, finish read the below paragraph 1st)

Now I recalled I wrote blog before, long long time ago, in Friendster.

I don't know why I wrote blog that time, but I am going to share what I posted before in here with all of you.

Sorry to English reader, the blogs are all in Mandarin.

Thank you.


cheekeong said...

then, when are you gonna share it wor?

this entry is just an announcement?

rongping.lo said...



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