Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mid-autumn Festival, AGAIN!!

First of all, let me introduce you, my sister, LO POAY KHUAN.


OK, my sister got nothing to do with this blog, who I really want to introduce was her friend.

My sister's friend, Kikeyyyyyeeeeee ?! wrong pic

Yeah, she is the correct Kikey.

I met her in Penang before and together we had been helper in a teenager Buddhist Camp held at Phor Tay High School.

When she knew I am going to London, she sent a warm message to me saying that any problem or any helps needed, I can contact with her.

Then a day just after mid-autumn festival, she invited me to London Fo Guang Temple伦敦佛光寺to celebrate mid-autumn festival there. She worried that I might miss the moon cake and feels lonely in London here.

(In fact, I just celebrated the festival with Chung Ling-kia(s) yesterday, hoho)

Thus, on 04102009, I went to 84 Margaret Street, London W1W 8TD, U.K. , which equal to London Fo Guang Temple伦敦佛光寺

London Fo Guang Temple伦敦佛光寺, as you can see.

BUT, I don't know why there is a cross up there.

The place looks ancient, with the old bricks, door and clock

The place looks ancient, with the old bricks, letter box, and….Plasma TV?!?!

I search around, looking for Kikey, finally I saw her in canteen, with a guy, and I overheard something.

Kikey: Pregnant liao, how?

Guy: I don't know and I don't care

I stunted and looked at them. Kikey discovered me and introduced me the guy. After introduction, I knew that guy is Andreas, and actually they were practicing for a performance.

Since I was at canteen, surely I can't miss the chance to have a lunch there.

It may look NOT that NICE but I can assured you that it tastes GREAT.

After finished the meals, she brought me to visit several places there.

These are the places that I am going to explore soon.

The Prime Hall

Library with Sutra, finally Journey to the West succeed.

Guam Yim Phor Sat

Dei Zhong Ong Phor Sat

They having performance here, I didn't join because I have to go back early.

At last, let us take a close look on the food.

This was an experience where I had created a bond between me and 佛光. I believe in future I will have more activities with them.


cheekeong said...

London also got buddha temple..
but i really surprised when i saw a cross on the top of the temple!

btw, what food izit?
quite disgusting in the way you displayed..

Zack said...

Great experience~

rongping.lo said...

Yes... the food looks not nice... but it does taste nice.

LZ said...

u studying in london? and oh, u met kikey!

Kikey Loo said...

WAH Raymond, couldn't you put more pretty picture of me!! hahaha!!!

hope you come to Temple a lot :)

rongping.lo said...

Hi, LZ, you kikey friend?!

To Kikey,
I know you will say this..haha.

Pete said...

Wah, at first I thought he was Kikey's baby....ha ha ha! She was touring Europe, didn't read any post that she got married leh.....oh oh! ha ha!
Thks for dropping by my blog. Adding your link to my blogroll!

rongping.lo said...

Thanks Pete

HonG said...

hey my pic got copyright..and im gona sue u using under london bridge law (ce1y)..unless u gv me sweetS..

and hey..the food look tat u show us 2 time..look like really disgusting..hami lc lai??<<1st word appear on my mind..

Foo said...

Looks like those Baby Organs consumed in some regions of China.. LOL..

rongping.lo said...

Yes, the food looks disgusting, but is nice to eat. It took me 20 minutes to have guts to eat them, and 2 minutes only to finish them.

and is all vege, very healthy de~~

Huiying said...

omg.. it looked nice! and the building looked more like a church i should say.. haha..
how i wish i can visit there~ LONDON!

rongping.lo said...

Sure you'll have the chance..

zlatan ibramohong said...

ray..see like u wish to promote ur blog..i come here to help u..jz bcz i love u..n i call alot my heng tai come..

emmunael adebahong said...

i come support too!!

nemanja vihong said...

so am i..for supporting u~~

rio ferdihong said...

im a last..but if u wan..for sure..still alot of ppl..u wan try??

thomas vermaekeong said...

i'm from belgium..
i'm so sad because my team can't make into the world cup 2010..

but after read your blog, i feel like my future not only football..

i can use this free time to create my own blog just like yours 1..

namo amitabha~

rongping.lo said...

to emmanuel adebahong

ur name sounds like de bad attitude footballer, can you plz play with moral?!

HonG said...

ur sister surname is lo??!!!?

rongping.lo said...

duno, never ask her b4, wait nx time i meet her i ask.

anthony said...

Vee.... very nice ... specially i love the dialog~!!!

Kikey: Pregnant liao, how?

Guy: I don't know and I don't care

haha ... next time create longer ... not enough ...

the cross .... if i am the 1... wont notice it ... nice~!

but the food ...see really not nice .... u sure it is "nice"?
erm ...maybe ..食物不可貌相~!!!
hoho ~!!
+ oil + oil ... waitting ur next 1...

rongping.lo said...

tq anthony, your comment had energize me...yoyoyo~~!! Lets dota


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