Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chung Ling-kia(s) all around the world

This year, I cannot celebrate the mid-autumn festival with my family --> click here.
After seeing the picture they celebrating the festival without me, I feel……


Such a warm family, how could I feel NOTHING?

It is because I am always with them.

Actually I am telling lie. In fact, I am not at there. (It is very obvious from the picture)

Seeing all the pictures they snapped, they really make me miss…


Thus, on October 3rd, I went to search for Malaysian food. From morning 11am, I start walking around London, hoping to find a place with nice Malaysian food.

From point A, I walked till Point B.

530pm, When I walked across a hotel named Holiday Vanilla (It is not Holiday Vanilla, I don't dare to write real name, WHY, let's continue and see), suddenly an uncle shouted at me and say,

(UNCLE) Hei, young man, you are Ex-Chung Ling student right?!

(ME) Ya, uncle, how you know?! Are you Matt Parkman?! (Please watch Heroes to find out who the hell is Matt Parkman)

(UNCLE) Young man, you wrote it on your forehead Lar~~

The "Lar~~" makes me feel familiar and immediate I know he is Malaysian as well. After introduction, then I knew he is Mr. Lee, also an ex-student from Chung Ling and he is the president of Chung Ling Alumni UK. The conversation continues,

(UNCLE Mr. Lee) So are you now in UK, if you in UK you can join our Chung Ling Alumni UK and can join our gathering tonight.

(ME) ?!?!?! (I am stepping my foot on UK right now)Yes, I think I am NOW in UK gua, OK, I will join it.

All are Chung Ling-kias from CLHS Penang, Private and Butterworth.

Singing CLHS anthem, 槟屿屹屹 华裔林林 何以进文明…

Senior sharing his career experience, CHUNG LING ALUMNI UK really did a great job.

Let me introduce you. Mr. Lee

I am the youngest Chung Ling-kia there. All the Chung Ling-kia(s) there are very brilliant and successful, some are doctor, some are inside the top 5, top3, or even top 1 company, holding some very important position. Compared to them, I am just a student, who currently pursue Master (don't even know can get it or not), waiting to go back Penang and hoping to be a lecturer, receive a OK OK only salary. Anyway, they inspired and enlightened me a lot, THANK YOU.

After my stomach sounded the 26th time, finally the talk ended and the most interesting moment happen. I had been waiting to taste Malaysia food since I reached London, I can't wait to see what food I going to have now. SATAY?! LAKSA?! ROTI CANAI?! NASI KANDAR?! ICE KACANG?!

ALL the food I stated above, DON'T HAVE!!!! What they have?

This is my 1st round

My favourite vege, Kai Lan(what it called in English?)

Satu biji WANTAN. Betul, satu SAHAJA.

Lemon chicken, made me recall my friend, Lemon Queenine

The triangle is the tau kuak

OOK, 1st round done, let's go for 2nd round.

SORRY, all the food finished, no 2nd round available. WTF?! So KIAM SIAP wan.

FINE, I went to press their orange juices. A waitress popped out from nowhere and says," Sorry, this machine for breakfast only."

FINE, I went back to my seat and continue drinking my SKY Juice. Later, TEH TARIK was served. Wow, at least I have TEH TARIK. Long time doesn't have TEH TARIK already, so, within a second I finished the whole cup and ASK FOR MORE.

"Sorry, 1 cup only."


The restaurant really KIAM SIAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I shouldn't finish the TEH TARIK within second. Now I can only stare at those senior's TEH TARIK. A senior noticed my sadness and he started searching in his pocket. (His part time is DORAEMON)

He took out these moon cakes from his pocket. COOL!!

(But I want TEH TARIK)

After enjoyed the moon cakes, everyone seems satisfied. Most of them never expect a moon cake, neither do I. Thank you to 1 of the Chung Ling kia (Rank : Uncle. Forgot his name)

With this picture, the event put its full stop.

(The uncle next to me sponsored the moon cakes, THANKS again)

Happy Mid-autumn Festival~~!!!!


cheekeong said...

this post damn interesting although the mooncake festival was passed edi..

food that served really damn damn not interesting also..
i don't think the purpose for me to go for 2nd round is because of the delicacy..
it's because i need to make my stomach full only..

hey, do you miss the roti canai here with kuah pedas and also the salim's nasi lemak?
come back la..

rongping.lo said...

DAMN...I sure miss the extreme pedas roti canai and nasi lemak....


I wont go there for 2nd time. I swear I wont go, if I go, you will pay me RM2000, k?!

cheekeong said...

what la..
if you go, i pay you some more!?

then you go la..

go to DIE

Karl said...

Hahaha dam funny post lar. Satu biji SAHAJA! XD

rongping.lo said...


DIE is 古灵侦探, you recommend me a job right.

Long time no C. Thanks for the satu biji comment.


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