Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How old are you?! What do you think?!

26/10/2009, at 8pm, I went to bathe.

After bathe, on the way going back to my room, a guy popped up and ask me, "

GUY : How old are you?!
ME : Me?! You guess.
GUY : I mean how old are you?!
(Probably he didn't heard me or he thought I don't know what he meant)
ME : What do you think?!
GUY : Hmm.... 17.
ME : 17 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17 ?!

This kind of face = 17 years old's face?!

Take a closer look. How old am I?! What do you think?!
[For your information, I purposely keep my mustache to look older, mana tahu]


Karl said...

u look like 45yrs old uncle liao lol.

rongping.lo said...

Isit... 45yrs old!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Going to write another blog about this again...

Foo said...

Your shirt makes you younger!

cheekeong said...

the mustache linked me to remind of 老夫子..

the shirt makes you look younger, no doubt..

Jessie said...

lol was da guy asian or an ang moh? if asian he should be able to tell how old...roughly...but if its ang moh dey will say ur younger den ur age! hoho...! still u look really young still...!dun worry.

typ said...


rongping.lo said...

Then I will wear that shirt 7/24..

失魂落魄的艺术家. I like this.

Anonymous said...

哈哈,zomok kept 这样的look? 不过还是没损你的style,但是你好像瘦了。。

rongping.lo said...



-xIaNzz- said...

==look so old~~~
really like uncle~@@

rongping.lo said...

Hei, people say this face is 17 yrs old leh, wat uncle...


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