Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Activity in London (Preview + Opinion)

I really like this picture a lot. Especially the SKY~~!! Just like a painting.

Recently been writing blog in English and Mandarin. Now I am in dilemma for the next blog.
Should I write in English or Mandarin.

Please give me your opinion if you visit my blog, appreciate that.


Foo said...

English bro.. It's much more interesting to read!

Kikey Loo said...

one Eng, one Mandarin loh

cheekeong said...

actually you are capable to blog in bilanguage, as long as the post is interesting and meaningful..

for me, i would like you to post more in English, since your English is not bad..

with English you can gain more international viewers..

jia you

and no matter how, i will just love you!

Zack said...

Try in Malay la :P

kc said...

malaysian language! rojak la. as long as ur readers can understand what ure trying to tell. x)

Karl said...

Raymond language is the best la lol.

rongping.lo said...

Malay sound interesting, probably I will try it next time.

Thank you for the comment. Will start to write when free with, English or Mandarin? Wait and see...

lilangel said...

i surely support english or malay bcos.. i dunno chinese. sad, i know

-xIaNzz- said...

rojak rojak~~~
the sky look so fake although is real~==


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