Monday, September 21, 2009

Journey to the West II

After my 3 colorful friends leave me alone, is already 1am++. The breakfast is served at 4.30am, I have about 3 hours time to either sleep or do whatever I want. I know myself very well, I have to stay awake. If I sleep, I won’t wake up at the end of 3 hours.

Journey to the West, is really not an easy job as I thought before.

I started to write blog. Just after I finish the opening, 3hours passed.


Ham, with yogurts stand behind

1st time I see cereal being displayed so grand.

Juices Papa and Juices son

Chinese porridge, I start missing these foods right now

I regret to choose these foods as my breakfast because I am eating them as breakfast everyday now.

Coffee and Milk really an unbreakable couple, just like LING and ME, so harmony

OMG, I want to go SALAM now.

I wish to have more time to enjoy the breakfast. If time is allow, I will sit there, wait for the 1st batch of food being digested, then I will go for 2nd batch, and then digest, 3rd batch, and digest, and 4th batch, and …….

SHIT, I just don’t have the time. No 2nd batch, and of course no 3rd batch, I rushed to the check-in counter.

When I reached, there are already a lot people waiting there. (but the counter not yet ready to operate)

These are the people who trying to eat 2nd batch. That’s why they behind me.

I was looking for toilet, DAMN, which way to go?!

Here you are.

My boarding gate is at another side of KLIA, I have to take the aerotrain to reach there. After getting the boarding pass, I still have plenty of time. No more rush, I walked to the aerotrain station.

OMG, something scary just right in front of me!!!!! OMG!! OMG!!! What’s that?!!!!

Isn’t this buttock looks scary?! Or sexy?!

I pretend to take picture of the view when the guy turn back and look at me. This is the picture I took.

Here come again the scary buttock, taken when he turn back.

Finally the train reached, I am safe now, from the scary creature.

Hopefully I can abroad with this ticket.

Without much surprise, I able to abroad with the ticket showed above. I feel very very really extremely ultimately definitely awfully exceedingly absolutely certainly undoubtedly positively unquestionably undeniably TIRED once I touch the seat of the airplane. I recalled that I never sleep for a whole day. While the air stewardess teaching on how to use the life jacket, emergency exit etc, I am already DEAD.

No picture taken while I sleep. Just simply want to introduce my mum and my nephew

When I awake, food is already served in front of me. Have a break, have a KIT KAT!

One set of bread?! It can’t even fill the gap between my teeth. I dare not to ask for more, scare the stewardess scold me.

Is me!! If you are an observant, you will notice the shirt I wear is just the same as yesterday. (**Taken in airplane’s toilet**)

Yeah, this guy informs me I reached Abu Dhabi with his attire.

After getting the new boarding pass to London, I have about an hour free time to swim around the Abu Dhabi airport. I wish to swim yet I scare I lost in this huge airport.

My plan to swim around Abu Dhabi changed, after I saw these lovely machines.

Those who had met me on 11-09-2009 345pm, I am using this machine to meet you all.

3 Malaysian(s) GGB < -- guess what ( answer at the bottom)

GGB is not Girl Girl Boy, GGB is “go Great Britain”.

This is the last airplane I going to take in this year. Will I meet with an air crash?!

The food looks better now, is just enough to fill the gap between my teeth, but I still don’t dare to ask for more.


FINALLY, I step on the land of Great Britain!!!!!!

“Excuse me!!”

“Oops, sorry!!”

I step on the foot of Great Britain’s citizen, not the land. Anyway, I reached my destination.
(Yes, yes. I know the joke was not funny at all, but I like to write, you blow me ar~~!!)

1st Mission in England is to pass the UK Border Gate. This is not a tough mission, since I already well prepared before I start to fly. However, it still takes me 1 hour to accomplish the mission. WHY???

This is just the people in front of me, there are triple or even quadruple of this amount behind me, and this line is for STUDENT only.
[ Now you know what happen with those FIERCE face ]

After waiting 1 hour, I use 1.5 minutes to pass their checking counter and 5 minutes to claim back my 30kg baggage, nice orientation of the Heathrow Airport.
[purposely upload this small picture so that you won't discover I am still wearing the same shirt]

With a backpack, a hand-carry laptop, a 30kg slide-able baggage, I was trying to pass the 2nd mission, last check by UK Custom. I don’t see any officer there and a lot people just pass-by without facing any check. I was curious why this happening while trying to pass it like others did. Suddenly, an officer just pops out like that. I swear to God that I really don’t know where he was hiding or standing just now, I thought nobody there.

He points at my 30kg baggage and ask me, “What inside there? Any food inside?”

I was stunned at that moment due to his sudden appears, but I still managed to answer these simple questions, with a bit Malaysian English.

(ME) “HAH?! Clothes AR~, jacket AR~, files AR~, bolster AR~, things like that LOH~ ”
(ME) “Food AR?! Got 1 pack of coffee, almond drink, and minced pork LOH”

(Officer) “ Pork? Put your luggage on this table, I want to open it”

(ME) “HAR?!

(Officer) “Put your baggage on this table”

(ME) “ O “

I was quite nervous at that time, scare that the things I brought are legal to me but illegal to them. While he trying to unwrap my baggage (my baggage was coated with lots of plastic, as you can see above), he asked me,

(Officer) “Your computer original”

(ME) “Yes?!”

[Actually I didn’t heard what he said and simply say YES, but he thought I already answer him YES. After few minutes only I realize he is asking about my laptop]

He managed to open my baggage and checked all the food I brought.

(Officer) “Next time, no meat is allowed”

(ME) “ HAR?! Sorry?!”

(Officer) “No meat is allowed, only fish is ok”

(ME) “ O o , ok, ok”

(ME) “ I can go now?!”

(Officer) “Fuck off, man” < -- designed dialogue My cute BOLSTER is the 1st thing he saw in my baggage.

I lost, totally lost when the 2nd mission done. Imagine that, you are alone, far away from your hometown. You know you have to do A B C when you reached the destination. Now I reached my destination and A B C have been done, what NEXT?!


Out of sudden I just feel helpless and scare, standing alone in the crowd of Heathrow Airport. I did not take the opportunity to snap some picture of Heathrow Airport. I just don’t think of this at that very particular moment. Out of sudden I feel myself very pity….

HAHA, RAYMOND LO ENG PING is not that easy to be beaten.

This emotional thinking just bother me around 30 seconds, I was able to cheer up myself immediately. I took out the address of City YMCA London and start asking people around.

I can memorize this address now. You can write letter to this address to me.

How you manage to find your place by just looking at this tube map?!

I asked at least 4 to 5 people around. Luckily, I meet with an express train officer. He gets his map from the counter and start check for me.

(Officer) “Ermm, Bunhill Row… Bunhill Row… Got it. You can take either this express train or underground from Heathrow to Paddington, then from Paddington you go King’s Cross, then from there you go Old Street”

(ME) “Hah?!”

“HAH?!” is the word I used the most on that day.

19.50 pounds, times 6, nearly RM 120. Sooooo PAIN.

Don’t take express train, it costs a lot. If you come here to find me, take the underground. I took express train because I don’t know. Now you know!!

30kg baggage considered light luggage?!

However, I still feel myself very lucky. Everything can be solved easily, everything so smooth. Even I met with flight cancellation yesterday I also feel I am a lucky guy.

LUCK has quota, once the quota finish, here the unwelcome bad luck visit.

I need to change 3 trains to reach my destination, but some of their lines undergo maintenances and services, I forced to change 5 times only can reach my destination. Changing from one line to another line is very easy, but…..



I reached OLD STREET, with both arms feel deeply exhausted. After asking another 4 or 5 people, I found YMCA eventually. The check-in procedure is very simple, after confirmed my identity, they pass me the room key.

My room number is 426, where the number “4” of 426 indicates my room is at 4th floor.

As I going to take the lift……….

@@, WTF?!


Now I very confirmed that the quota of my luck had been fully used.
But liife is not just depends on luck, it is also very depend on the past experience.

Experience of Komtar Run had reduced my tiredness towards climbing staircases.

Yes, I had been participated in climbing the staircases of this 60 floor building.

Climb half level, rest 1 minute, climb again half, rest 2 minutes, claim again half, rest 3 minutes and so on. There are total 4 levels, that mean 8 half level, guess how long I spent?

Give me your answer in the comment. Those who answer it correctly I will buy you a present. Answer will be released on next week.
My room.

My watch is showing the time, 4:53 a.m. Malaysia time, but is just about 10pm in London. I am very tired and it is time to sleep as well, that’s why I never encounter jet lag.

There is nothing interesting happen after I found my room. I took a bath and sent an email informing my family and dar-LING that I reached here safely.


I am DEAD again.


HonG said...

ur english improve so much after u go there...
i will go there soon..

cheekeong said...

wow, what a lengthy post!
but i like it very much, it's detailed but not boring at all..
so, i would like to leave a lengthy comment also..

i like the way of the cereal being displayed..

the buttock is damn sucky!

"Have a break, have a KIT KAT!" is so interesting!

you still have to learn how to camwhore nicely in the toilet later..

about the GGB, u got take their contact numbers?

you are really lucky during the pass of UK custom, but why you can only bring along fish but not pork?
then, dory fish or bubble fish u prefer more?

i met your bolster before!!

and it's a good thing that we can attend the Komtar Run'09 last time.. and i noticed that UK got no lift 1, pity..

i think u will be able to get adapted with the jet lag for sure..

i think you edi pass through all the missions before landing UK..

what u need to do is strive harder and make some results for us..

anything just call me, if you are willing to spend the high cost..

take good care of yourself and i'm willing to see your new post again!

i love you!

rongping.lo said...

To Hong,

You better keep your promise.

rongping.lo said...


I love your comment.

SY said...

I am not turtle..
Obviously jet lag is not a problem to your family...As i know you and your bro seldom has a sleepless night.

rongping.lo said...


What you mean you are not a turtle?!

Jinyi said...

so.. no one actually guessed the time you took to climb the stairs? XD


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