Tuesday, November 17, 2009

10/10/2009, I planted few trees and backed to Malaysia for 30 minutes~~!!

I swear I didn't lie, nobody knows, I went back Malaysia for 30minutes on 10/10/2009.

Anyway, let me just write down what happen on 10/10/2009.

I woke up early in the morning, after finished my breakfast, my YMCA-mate, Jeen follow me to invade London Old Street Underground.

My favorite breakfast, I love the egg yolk.

From that station, we spent 50 minutes++ to reach our destination --->Theydon Bois, the 2nd last station of Central Line if I am not mistaken. NVM, not important though.

Someone whose name is Theydon Bois, could you reduce your speed?

10/10/2009 I experienced a lot of "1st TIME". For instance,

1st time sitting inside a car, in LONDON of course.

1st time put a thumb up inside a car, in LONDON.

1st time taking picture inside a car, in LONDON.

1st time……laugh, showing teeth….etc, in LONDON.

The driver, Mr. Bill Open Gates dropped us at the front GATE; we have to walk inside the grassland. In fact, he could have sent us straight to the grassland of tree plantation, but NVM, this gave us an opportunity to snap a lot of pictures.

I believe you know how to read, it is called Woodland Trust, 土地信

Yes, this is my YMCA-mate, Jeen, the one who intro me YMCA, tqtq.

Kikey, Jeen, and Me, correct, 3 people inside the picture.

Wait a minute; I am holding the camera, who is that guy? Some more equip himself with Radiance, 3800+1525 DotA gold. (will explain later)
After the instructor, Mr. Warren Eat Buffet explained all the procedures, we start our tree planting activity.
See his style of taking picture!!
ShiFu is our role model of the day.
I am also one of the role model.

OK, finish planted 1 tree, is time to have a BREAK, have a KIT KAT

I am so proud of myself, this shows my identity.

After I die, please bury me here.

For just 2 hours, we have managed to plant over 2,000 trees where 0.75% was planted by me.

Don't think this amount is small, think back what shoes I wore.

Kikey planted 0.50%of the tree ate 92% of the food. See, she so happy

How could I miss the chance to take the nice view of TREE and SKY

One more~~!! Sorry if I bored you with all the pictures of TREE and GRASS

Ya, forgot to intro the 1 with radiance, he is Hong Kong actor, 元彪

He is teaching us some basic martial arts.

I don't really like dog, but the dog really likes me.

After enjoyed the refreshment, the event of tree planting is finished. Nobody is free to fetch us to the station, Mr. Bill Open Gates have to go home to open gate, Mr. Warren Eat Buffet need to go restaurant to eat buffet, so we walked.
Again, we have another opportunity to snap pictures.

The sky is always so BLUE, makes me feel BLUE.

Forgot what berry is it. But I am sure it is not strawberry. BELIEVE ME because I tasted it.

A lot of nice bridge in London. Will visit London Bridge in future!!

The train is in our sight, but we just couldn't reach there

I don't know where were we already. Anyway, the bus-stop is so nice

STATION APPROACH, yes, that means we are very near to the Station already!!
!@#$#@%$ STATION APPROACH is the Street's name. WTF

After lots of adventure, we have manage to find the station, but, it is still early, so we decided to go shopping at Leicester Square.

Since I am busy shopping, I forgot to take picture. After spending an hour shopping, we walked to

CHINA TOWN, 中国城唐人街

Recall the title, "10/10/2009, I planted few trees and backed to Malaysia for 30 minutes." The "planted few trees" had been explained, "backed to Malaysia" is now explaining.

This is the Malaysia I visited. I didn't lie.

Original Malaysia Teh Tarik and Teh Ais, flavour of Hometown.

Jeen and 元彪 ordered Bak Kut Teh

Bak Kut Teh really got Bak (PROVEN)

Fish Head Noodle, it reminds me Sindy Song.

AHH~~ The Sambai was so SHINING!! HELP!!

The Nasi Lemak looks SEDUCTIVE. Am I using the correct adjective?

After knowing this Nasi Lemak costs 6.50pounds(RM36++), do you still think it is seductive?

After 25 minutes, I look at 元彪's Bak Kut Teh

Bak Kut Teh not only got Bak, also got Kut (PROVEN)

Bak Kut Teh not only got Bak, also got Kut, and of course Teh. (PROVEN)

Finish the lunchner (Lunch + Dinner), all of us were so satisfied. Everyone was exhausted and we called it a day.


Additional sharing

This is the only thing I bought. I mean the Jacket only.

It is REVERSIBLE, YENG leH~~ 15pounds, considered cheap Lah~~


Kikey Loo said...

i need to send u my nice picture liao, u always post my ugly picture. :p

p/s: please email me, those 2 group pictures. thanks.

rongping.lo said...

Nola, very pretty.
Ya, I will send you, last time email failed to upload..

路過者 said...


rongping.lo said...


Roy said...

I missed Nasi Lemak!
Btw, those are black and raspberries...

rongping.lo said...

Ic, so I am right on the "berry". Is it 1 of the flavor of ice cream?

cheekeong said...

this shud be a long long time ago de post, right?

cos your hair still short..

you did a good job by planting a small plant..
it's much more better than those who are stamping on the plant..

also, although you were enjoying the so-called-Malaysian-foods there, but you still cam feel something is missing, right?

so, we're waiting for you at the small small Pearl of Oriental here.

rongping.lo said...

Hei, I can dine togther with 元彪 Leh!! Why nobody ask me about this? REAL元彪, why nobody care about him?

SY said...

Is he the real 元彪 that we know in 佛山赞师父???

Karl said...

Haha really is 元彪 ke?

And don't play so much DOTA plz lol. Did you explain about the radiance thing?

How much is the bak kut teh there?

rongping.lo said...

Finally someone care on 元彪.
But, regretfully, he is not the real 元彪, just someone who looks like 元彪,his name is 立男。

cuti said...

oh...u at UK now o....
help me send my regards to their prime minister..@!

Karl said...

And you still haven't explain Radiance to ppl!

rongping.lo said...

What radiance?!
People who played DotA should understand me.
3800 Sacred Relic
1525 Recipe
5325 in total..

This is a joke for DotA Fever

szelynn said...

cool..so you can wear the same jacket everyday and no one will know that they are the same one

rongping.lo said...

Oh SHIT, you discovered...


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