Friday, November 13, 2009

Yeah~~not only niece, now I also have nephew

Recently totally no OHM to write any blog, BUT, still want to post something to show my friends in M'sia that I am still ALIVE.

Yes, I am still alive, and not only that, now I have a new "TOY", made in M'sia.

Let me introduce my new toy------------> Hang Hang

Hi, I am sleepy. You enjoy yourself looking at me laR~~ No time to treat you

On the day he being delivered, I made a promise to him. I will celebrate a BIG birthday party with him when he is 2 years old.

Why 2 years old?! Because he was delivered on 11 of Nov, when he is 2 years old, his birthday will be on 11/11/11, how nice !!! (maybe I will engage on that day as well, LOL)

OK, I am still sleepy, you continue enjoy looking at me.

OK, now let me congrats the PRODUCTION manager
Congratulations TzeTsung, level up already, now is level 1 Father!!

You as well, sis, now you are Mother, level 1

Nothing else I want to write in this blog, let just take a close look on my new toy, nephew, muacksss..

I told you I am sleepy laR~~Don't keep looking at me

Finally he open his eyes


Chubby face, like his father, haha~~!!

Ya, never to forget, she also level up already.

And yes, mum, you are now grandmother Level 2

OMG, I am HOMESICK now~~



Level 99 Unknown said...

So you are Level 2 Uncle

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