Monday, November 30, 2009

Can you differentiate good English and bad English?!


After completing (haven't submit) the recent Business Economics group assignment, I took a review on the question.

Oops, our group had totally omitted 1 of the requirement of the assignment.

[ You should include a short reflective page at the end (maximum one page) to

reflect on the nature of groupwork in practice (any difficulties or challenges

encountered, what worked well, group dynamics, etc). ]

Feeling guilty of not helping much in the completion of assignment, I quickly write a draft of reflective page. It took me about 15 minutes to finish such a short essay.


Reflective Page

I think our group is a very interesting group regarding the number of group members. At first when we check the city space, our group was assigned with 5 members. After that when we start call up every member to a meeting, there was actually two members decided to drop this module, this make our group just 3 members. Later another member was arranged to our group, 1 of our current member decided to drop this module as well. At last, our group ended up with just 3 members.

Every member in this group did their role well and is pretty dynamic. We have group member who stay far away from Cass but willing to travel down to have group discussion. We also have group member who have working experience in business field and are well-informed about the current market movement. We also have group member who is excel in preparing slides.

Although this is a group made up from just 3 members, but for us, size doesn't matter.


I sent this draft to my group leader, Joe. He is very kind, when I send the draft to him and apologize for my poor English, he replied me,

"Looks good Raymond, I'll tidy it up later if you like…"


"No problem Raymond. As I said before, your English is better than my Malay!"


After few minutes I sent my draft to him, he send back his MODIFIED VERSION


Group-work reflection

Having only 3 members of our team, it was imperative that we leveraged each others strengths to achieve the aims of our project. Initially we divided the research into separate areas; however every member of the team was able to contribute to each line of investigation in a meaningful way. We were able to effectively prioritise our time with respect to our other academic commitments in order to schedule regular meetings at Cass Business School. There we were able to discuss potential new ideas for research and to establish the next stages of the project's construction.

The research done by each team member was presented at the meetings we held and discussed freely after it had been described. Often lively discussion was had as to which aspects of the content we believed were the most important to include. We found that keeping the word limit to 2000 words meant that we had to omit some parts which were collectively deemed not appropriate to the aims of the essay, but might have been included more as background information otherwise.

As the project progressed, we found that we were much more comfortable discussing ideas face-to-face and online, rather than just sending emails to each other (which was less able to give rise to innovative and spontaneous ideas). We also discovered that different members of the team were more comfortable in different roles, from which we able to derive much benefit. One member, who had to travel further in to Cass Business School for meetings, was good at researching new ideas and reviewing the research carried out by others, supporting their efforts. Another member had obvious Excel and PowerPoint skills, and brought a quantitative aspect to the analytics involved. The final member of the group was able to draw on prior experience as an equity analyst in his professional life (having researched other industry areas in the past), and was able to design the content of the project in more formal and flowing manner.

However, each member of the group was able to support each others efforts in order to give rise to an assignment created as a team, not just a bunch of collective ideas. We believe that the supportive collaboration of the group enabled us to achieve some real insights into what the impacts of the recession on the international tobacco industry really were.



Give me 5 more years I think I also incapable to produce such essay. There are even some vocabularies that I need to check my DICK TIONARY.

I am totally impressed with him and now I admired him a lot.

Wish I have 86.5% of his ability when I go back M'sia next year.


Huiying said...

wth... lazy to read at all! simply drop comment nia.. zzz.. LOL!

rongping.lo said...

Yes, I know it is very tired to read it all.... lol

Zack said...

So many kai cheong... Lz to read...

rongping.lo said...

I doubt that anyone will read it... BUT
I just wanna put...

come, BLOW me

cheekeong said...

sincerely, i do read it entirely..
and Joe's english is fantastic..
is he a true British or also a foreigner like you?

and don't worry too much, your english is not yet competitive to them but still understandable..

sooner or later, u r gonna impress us or even him..

but i hope you won't become ang mo sai later when u reach msia..

rongping.lo said...

I speak mandarin more than I do in Msia... I think I still a Chinese Sai

cheekeong said...

nope you aren't!

you're just kanasai~
cos you abandonned me alone in Penang..

rongping.lo said...

Nono, you are wrong, I definitely not just kanasai. After I pangsai, I am not all sai ad...

Debbie Chin said...

i like-y the post... and i doubt it'll take you 5 years lo... i have utmost faith that you'll do great...

^ ^

i still hate you for partying without me.. in U-bloody-K

p.s. got a lot of leng chais anot?

rongping.lo said...

Nope...Just me


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