Tuesday, October 11, 2011


It is nearly a year that I work as a lecturer. Throughout this year, there are few things that I learnt which had shaped me to a BETTER lecturer.

What I meant by saying I am a better lecturer is because I had now getting aware of the things below:

1. Check your pants before you enter the class
It is crucial to check your pants before entering the class. You may not aware of the importance, but wait until one day when you are delivering your lecture, you see your students whispering to each other and the whole class laugh out loud!
I am sure the first thing/place that you going to check is not how many wax you apply on your hair, but your pants!
YUP, checking your pants means make sure your pants is zipped.

The probability of forgetting to zip your pants is 0.00001. Despite the excessively low probability of occurrence, the consequences are severe.
- You will scare to step in your class
- You will double/ triple/ or even quadruple check your pants before you entering the class
- You will be awarded a nickname by your students, based on the color of the underwear you wore on that day
- You will be sued committing sexual harassment if your student is someone who born in 90's or later but having the mindset of 50's.
and more

Not only you will receive the impact, your students too.
- Your students will less concentrate in your class because half of the time they will use to recall the color of your underwear
- Your students will not looking at the PowerPoint slides that you prepared so hard because part of the time they are focusing on your.........
- Your students will waste part of the capacity of their brain to remember the color of your underwear when the incident happens.
and more

For the sake of yourself and your students, check your bird  pants!!

2. Visit the toilet before you start the midterm /test/quiz
(This can be ignored if you had invited your colleague to join you to invigilate the students.)
This can't be ignored if you want to protect your bladder.

Often, during the mid of a semester, university will having a midterm/test/quiz to test the students and here the nightmares come. (not to mention the preparation and marking of the papers)

During the midterm, you cannot leave the class if you are invigilating ALONE even you have strong confidence in your students that they won't cheat. Sometimes the students cheat just because they want to UTILIZE the opportunity. I am a student before and I am DEFINITELY, UNDENIABLY a good student that won't cheat, but if given a chance, I will just cheat. The reason is simply I DON'T WANT TO WASTE THE CHANCE!!

So, if you don't want your students to cheat, don't leave the class.

BUT, sometimes, your bladder just out of your control. Your bladder is yours but it is always stand on your students' side. It will choose to get rid of the excessive water during the time you carry out the midterm.

SO, be the master of your bladder, visit the toilet and order it to release the excessive water before the midterm start.

3. Try to remember all your students' name 
Of course this is quite impossible for classes with the size greater than 50. But if you manage to do so, I can guaranteed that the class will be easier to be conducted.

Imagine this "student-who-you-know-his-name" is talking with his friend, you just need to call his name out loud, he will feel shame/ shy then he will learn how to keep his mouth shut.
another "student-who-you-know-her-name" is not paying attention and taking out her cosmetic to do some photoshop on her face, you again just need to call her name out loud, she will quickly uninstall the photoshop.

Remembering your students' name also made them feel they are part of the class. Some students not paying attention to the class just simply the lecturer didn't even care about his/her existence.

So, this is a win-win strategy remembering the students' name.

SO, with application of the above 3 rules, you can be a better lecturer too!

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