Monday, July 5, 2010

A letter I wrote 9 months ago but didn't send it

[It is written on 19 OCT 2009]
[Please forgive my bad English, at that time, I just arrived London for a month. Anyway, now also didn't improve much]

The letter is a suggestion to YMCA, but I don't have the courage to send it. WHY? I don't know, perhaps don't want the peopl feel I am a troublesome resident.

The things I wrote:

I had previously submitted a comment letter to the reception. However, rather simply giving suggestion, I thought it is better to make a proposal to bring my suggestion into realisation.

First of all, I have to clarify that this is not a complain but merely a suggestion. The kitchen is running well and I like basically every meals.

As I had stated in my previous letter, the kitchen should encourage the residents to use their own cup instead of providing them the polystyrene cup. The polystyrene is not biodegradable, after thrown as rubbish, it will remain as rubbish even after 100 years or more. Besides that, using the polystyrene cup to fill hot drinks may melt some chemical substance of the cup and it is harmful to be comsumed by residents.

[I even draw a kitchen layout]

1. Residents bring their own cup or water bottle. After used, take back to their own room to wash as it just need to rinse by water.
2. Kitchen provide washable cup. [ I know this brings extra workload to the staff and I feel this is not really viable, considered the extra work and cost.]
3. Management may buy a cupboard of cup for residents and place it at [A]. Each resident get their cup there and after used, wash it and place it back to the cupboard.

I know it is not an easy job to make changes as it need a lot of hard works, willingness to obey or cooperation from residents and a lot more.

Probably it can be started by simply putting notice/ poster to encourage residents to use their own cup, with the damgages to environment, damages to health stated.

At last, thank you for taking your time reading this suggestion letter.


After all, the letter had now thrown into my recycle box.


rongping.lo said...

I think this blog is not what you expected to see from the title you perceived in facebook.

Roy said...

That's a really good suggestion!
Remember to give it to them when you leave! =)

rongping.lo said...

Still don't have the courage...

同样机车的人 said...


rongping.lo said...

Just this 机车 I knew who the hell are you....

Zack said...

You should do as what you think.
Furthermore, your idea is great~

rongping.lo said...

Last few days for me to think and do.....


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