Sunday, July 11, 2010

Use "sick" as a full stop to my 10mths UK life

As the title suggested, I am sick now!!

After back from the Belgium+Holland 5 days trip, my battery had been fully exhausted. After being charged for 2 days, I sign up for another Isle of Wight+Wales 5 days trip. As a result, I am a dead man now!

Everything happen for a reason.
Thus, I tried to find out the reason why I am sick, and I think the pictures below had explained for me: 

(The pictures below shared a same feature, please see whether you can find it out)

(The answer is in the comment box, check whether you got it right and drop a comment)

[BTW, when I finished this post, I feel hungry]



rongping.lo said...

Conclusion from the pictures:

When you are taking picture and is constantly being blocked by idiots, you will get sick.

KK said...

lol, true

CK said...

No, you are wrong! You get sick because you 插花 too much when people were taking photos!

rongping.lo said...

You two idiots...........


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