Friday, July 16, 2010

Summary of what I DID, TRIED, VISITED, LEARNED and EXPERIENCED (September and October)


 Had my 1st flight in my life. MAS had taken my virginity...

Find out where my school located, met some friends and start attending lecture!

 Visited Buckingham Palace

Injured my toe...DAMN Pain!! One can tell from just the picture.

Learned how to use the washing machine in YMCA. Had my 1st time using that kind of washing machine and dryer

 Cheated by a fake tiger
  Celebrated Chinese Mooncake Festival with Chung Ling-kiaS

Visited London Fo Guang Temple

Planted few trees for London

Went to University of Nottingham with DONG and FANNY.
[YUP!! They are DONG and FANNY, the perfect match in the Earth]

Did boring thing, which is created a new drink! 3-color coffee

Visited London China Town

Made a proposal to YMCA 
[But didn't submit at last]


trees said...

It seems like you have forgotten to mention who planted trees with you...

rongping.lo said...

What you trying to mean?!


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